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This is Durham
This is Durham
Virtual Lumiere

This app was commissioned as part of the Lumiere Festival being held 14-17 November, which sees the city’s landmarks transformed by light installations and projections.

App users pick ten from a bank of over 70 iconic images, including impressive artwork projections from previous Lumiere festivals; colourful ‘stained glass’ art from Twist Design; and artworks of famous County Durham landmarks. The images are then projected onto a 3D render of the iconic Durham Cathedral.

The images are dropped into a sequence and then movements chosen for each, along with a selected soundtrack from rock or classical to electro music. The app takes just minutes to create and the finished sequence lasts a total of 1minute, 39 seconds.

Each user’s creation can be shared across social media channels and watched again and again and liked through Facebook, Twitter and Google+, with the most popular creations forming a gallery on the app website.

Simple and fun to use, and with a choice of over 70 images, eight movement options per image and six soundtracks available, the possible combinations are almost endless, meaning each creation of Virtual Lumiere will almost certainly be unique.

To the best of our knowledge this is the first app of its type produced for any UK destination and we hope that it will help position Durham as a leader in innovative destination marketing.
Adam Blenkinsop
Head of Digital
Countries reached in 48 hours
audience in 2 hours
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